Potty Patch Review

Checking out this Potty Patch review will definitely help you in making the best decision so stick around and read every word in this article. But if you want a high-quality and proven dog potty on the market today, then we advise that you check out our Potty Park review.

Potty Patch is a 3 level patch where in the top is made of soft synthetic grass designed to let liquid pass through and collected in a tray that can carry up to a gallon. It has a specially scented faux sod that has the look and feel of real grass and it attracts your dog when it’s time to go.

The elevated turf drains into the base so it will keep it odor free. The grate will keep the grass dry and above any liquid. The collection tray can hold up to a gallon of liquid to allow multiple uses. There are 2 available sizes for Potty Patch that cover pets under 15 pounds and above.

Potty Patch Features and Specifications

  • Potty Patch dimensions: 28.2 x 17.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight is 6 lbs
  • Made up of 3 tiers
  • Has the look and feel of a real grass
  • Collection tray that can hold up to a gallon of liquid

Potty Patch Review

It’s really easy to find a reliable Potty Patch review on the Internet and based on research it gets an average of two and a half stars over at Amazon (not really that good). One individual had good results from using Potty Patch for his 10 week old Miniature Poodle because his dog still uses it even after 8 months. He’s not that thrilled with the construction as it’s only built in plastic but he does say that it works. Overall, the individual would recommend Potty Patch to his friends as it’s still working  and well worth the money.

Even though many Potty Patch reviews online received a lot of negative feedback, there are still a few consumers that gave a positive rating for it. One owner ordered a couple of Potty Patch for her tiny 3 pound Yorkie mix and it worked wonderfully for her. She said that Potty Patch was easy to assemble and clean up but warns about the size of the product.

Interesting story about Potty Patch

There’s an interesting story from an owner because they decided to take a leaf that their 7-year old female Golden Retriever peed on and wiped it all over Potty Patch. Eventually their dogs started to use the Potty Patch.

There are pet owners who reported that they’ve failed to make their dogs use it because their dogs simply dismissed the Potty Patch. What used to be the bad odor coming from different areas where your dog relieved itself now comes even more strongly from the Potty Patch. It seems that you still have to empty it out and clean it after every use just to prevent the bad urine smell from worsening.

According to the countless reviews, there are two major disadvantages to Potty Patch. First, it’s a little too small and sometimes your dog will have a hard time in trying to find a spot. Second, the smell really stinks a lot but they still say that it’s tolerable and it’s not the case every time. It’s also advisable that you don’t place it directly into the sunlight.

There are still satisfied users that back the product to be effective and worth your money but overall the reviews for Potty Patch have not been really encouraging for many dog owners. I would also advice you when placing orders for Potty Patch because we’ve got an email from an individual saying that they haven’t received their order of Potty Patch and it’s been a month since they ordered.

Recommended Dog Potty

Out of all the similar products that are in the market today, for sure there is one that simply stands out and performs the best from the rest. And that’s why we encourage you to check out the Potty Park review.

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34 Responses to Potty Patch Review

  1. Erin Deicke says:

    This pad is cheaply made not at all worth what I paid for it!! There are other groups that sell stuff when you call to order that automaticly sign you up for there services,Saying you can cancel at anytime, ha ha but they don’t send anything with the Potty Patch but the Pad itself, therefor you CAN NOT CANCEL the services like Budget Savers and Some children’s fun group that they automaticly sign you up for, they even offer a 40 dollar bank card from Bank of America, and a gas card worth $25 dollars, I never received any of it!! But they sure did take the money out of my bank account, 50 dollars a month for nothing!! I didn’t even realize they where taking money out until I received my bank statement! They signed me up and never sent me not one piece of paper afterwards!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!

    • Dude what are you talking about? says:

      I don’t know what this customer is ranting about, but it has nothing to do with Potty Patch I am pretty sure because it does work and there is no monthly charge.

  2. Deborah Avalos says:

    There are no phone numbers to question services or email addresses outside of ordering. I called the number advertised on TV and it was all automated and I spent 20 min. on the phone because they demand your credit card number first and then try and sell you a bunch of other products. If you dont hear anything back contact your bank and squash any transactions as I intend to do in the morning. A business nobody can contact outside of giving them your money isn’t a good business as far as I am concerned.

  3. Kyle says:

    Im not sure how the potty patch wasnt worth your money Erin ^. I live in an apartment and have the patch on the backporch, i let him out there and he goes on it…if its number 2 i pick it up and throw it away, if its number 1 i pick up the grass and pour the pee out onto the real grass…everything i was expecting. its alot better than having him go on anything else.

  4. Kyle says:

    and im not sure what your talking about all this money and payments, i spent 60 bucks at petco and that was it…

  5. will says:

    This product worked great. I bought one right when i got my puppy (mini-aussie). I put the potty patch by the patio door since I wanted her to eventually go outside to use the bathroom. I had to be on her to make sure she went to the patch. After about 3 weeks, I placed the potty patch outside the sliding door. So every time she went to the sliding door, I let her outside to the patch. 2 weeks of that, I moved the potty patch to the little corner of the patio and again trained her to go to the patch. Since then, no problems!

    The potty patch works great. I hated the idea of letting my dog urinate inside the house, but that’s why I trained her to go to the door. And now that the potty patch is outside, there’s no problems and she still uses the potty patch and not the grass!

    One thing I found is that the little corner of the patio doesn’t get good wind/air circulation… and it gets rained on. This combination of poor air + rain = smelly potty patch. I have to wash down the patch weekly. Smelly in the summer, but in my -30degrees celcius and knee high snow winters, it’s well worth it.

  6. V says:

    i’ve just bought one and paid around $30. I live in South Africa. Do you know it took me twice to read your comment to understand what you were saying? What the hell woman? Can you speak English? Its “their services” not “there services” and its “cannot”! Also, you’re complaning about getting duped by some company (which is hardly surprising) and your review is hardly constructive for those that are looking for an actual product review. Bah Humbug!

    • V says:

      It’s “Did you know” not “Do you know” Before you start correcting someone’s English, check your own. Just saying.

  7. linda says:

    I bought the twenty dollar potty patch that is sold at Petsmart. The backing is white. The synthetic grass that is sewn into it does not stay securely sewn to the backing, and will clog if you let it get down the drain. The urine smell is horrible. It is not easy to clean. The smell does not go away when you “just rinse clean!” This is a load of bull. We have to rinse and bleach the rug daily in the tub. Hard backbreaking work. It really needs cleaned twice a day to remain “guest” friendly.

    • Casey says:

      Well, the reason it didn’t work for you, Linda is because you bought a cheaper version. You can’t give an accurate review because you bought a cheaper off brand product. It’s hard backbreaking work because it’s a cheaper mat. The Potty Patch is actually very easy to clean.

      • Sharon says:

        I just bought the Potty Patch 3 weeks ago for a Yorkie that had been previously trained to use it. It is NOT a cheaper off brand. I bought it at Pet Smart. Paid $39.95 for it. My issue with it is the horrible smell. I use a Puppy Pad in the tray and change it daily. The odor is in the pad itself. Simply rinsing it in soapy water will not get rid of the odor. Even washing it in water with detergent in the laundry tub and then rinsing did not get out all of the odor and then the backing was left very wet. By the next morning the smell was back in full force. Finally, I couldn’t take the smell anymore and, after rinsing it, I put it through the delicate cycle in my washer and added a small amount of bleach. Then dried it on the delicate cycle in the dryer. Well, the smell was completely gone and stayed that way for several days. However, and it’s a BIG however, it left a mess in my washer and dryer as many strands of the grass came out and even some of the latex on the backing came off. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to have several pads to use so that I can thoroughly soak them in the laundry tub (with some bleach) and then allow to air dry. With several pads on hand I can then always have a clean one to switch off. But, ordering them from the company is very expensive – $24.95 plus S./H and they are not available in stores. Next idea is to try to find similar artificial grass at the home improvement store to use as replacement pads after cutting to size. It’s Winter and they will not have the grass in stock until Feb so I’ll have to wait to try it.

  8. DeLana says:

    I bought this for my Maltese male puppy. It works well however, it is made very cheap. My puppy chewed the grass off and it frayed. I’m looking to buy another brand that is more sturdy. If I have to leave my pet while I’m working, I don’t wish to come home to grass all over the floor. Dogs will be dogs, especially when owners are not around.

  9. Cheryl says:

    I recently bought the potty patch for my puppie, he is using it . But the odor from it is really bad even if I clean it with soap and water everyday. I have removed the grass because of the odor . Any helpful hints????

  10. Jan Perry says:

    The product was highly inferior and I received multiples that I never ordered. When I went to return the product that I had not ordered, the company charged me shipping. This company was a nightmare to work with and scammed me out of $50+. I will never buy from this company again and have spread the word about my experience. I am surprized that the Better Business Bureau has not shut them dowm yet.

  11. Lisa says:

    I purchased the Potty Patch for my 2 pound Chihuahua who is now a huge 5 pounds. I got her at 2 months old in the month of February and she just wouldn’t go in the cold. Now at 10 months old she goes potty both outside and inside but she is mostly and indoor dog and uses it all of the time. Of course the feces is picked up immediately and it is rinsed nightly and my home doesn’t smell. Of course, I would rather she be 100% outdoor trained but she just doesn’t like the cold and we wanted to enjoy her. I’ve read reviews that people who own these are lazy, actually, lazy would be not cleaning it. It’s work….

  12. Jimmy says:

    For the odor mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and wet down before washing. Should take care of odor,

  13. Beverly Lingeman says:

    I bought the potty patch for a friend. Potty patch keeps scaming me by charging my account for pads which I do not need. There is no way to contact them to get this transaction reversed, so I find my account overdrawn for merchandise I didn”t order!

  14. Debbie says:

    I have 10 year old Maltese (2)… bought and brought the potty patch to Florida from NY to my new condo…..the dogs never hit it….however, they are 10, went to a new venue and had a long car ride. When I returned in the Spring to NY…i put the potty patch on my deck….my male “runs to it” and hasn’t gone anywhere else since…..My fussy female watched him and started using it also…..I have now decided to leave the “potty patch” on the deck….and I am purchasing two more to use on the lower level of my condo!!! (I have a 3-story) Thank you for creating this great idea….can’t believe that 10 year old dogs would learn to accept this and use it… It’s a great back up while away at work and in the extreme weather. Cannot wait to receive the new purchase as the snow is getting near. Thank you to the creator of this product!!! ps to the comment above…rinse as often as possible but better than hitting your carpets, rugs….etc…..We have no odor because we are constant with the system as though you had laid newspapers on the floor…..

  15. Susan says:

    You can buy the replacement pads at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

  16. Petra says:

    Hello, please could you help me where I can buy Potty patch? I´m from Czech Republic and in my country is not available. Thank you.

  17. karen says:

    One of my dogs will use it. One will not. I put mine on my covered porch for her to use when its raining. She hates rain. Mine does not get to smelly. I pick up the solid stuff and change the pad often when she has been using it. Then ever so often I soak it in a tub of bleach. So much better then her refusing to go in the rain. Then doing it on the rug. Going to order a bigger one, because they are small. Sometimes her bottom hangs over the end.

  18. chay says:

    my puppy uses the patch but it does smell bad and it’s really hard to clean. “stuff” gets stuck in the grass and is hard to remove. Overall i think it is worth the money because my dog is trained to go in that one area. it’s better than newspaper or potty pads alone.

  19. Jessey says:

    Pups use it but it STINKS and the urine does not go through the grass It seems to lay in the grass and STINK….. MUST be cleaned daily with a garden hose and bleach outside . I had pee pads under the grass and it was barely wet
    Cheap construction Pups pull the grass off then it has a very jagged area that they walk on
    Its OK to start with but to use every day the rest of the pups life………Not me
    I may look into the potty park

  20. BJ says:

    I bought a potty patch at my neighborhood Petsense store. I believe I paid $30 for it and at first had no lucky getting my 3 small dogs to use it. But I went back and bought a bottle of “Go Here” and sprayed potty patch w/ it and that seems to have done the trick. I put ” Dont go here” on the spots were my pups and pups that lived here before us had gone. The combo seems to work great. I bought puppy training pads at store they absorb moisture and control oder very well. Makes clean ups a breeze.

  21. Laura Wilson says:

    I loved the potty patch and bought it a PETCO. Used it on my Sheltie Puppy. We Live in a very cold climate so was great. Yes as most things you do have to clean it but beats mopping the floor all over the house or shampooing carpets. My dog had no problem adjusting to going outdoors and in fact started going outdoors before I realized he was no longer using the potty patch. Now with all this said all dogs are different and some may not be as receptive as mine was. But as for me it was great.

  22. Alicia says:

    i was thinking of purchasing the potty patch but, my little dogs like to chew up everything, wouldnt they destroy the potty patch? and how do you empty out the urine and clean it without making a mess? i live on a 3rd floor apartment, cant really dump it in the grass.

    • James says:

      I live on the 2nd floor of an apt. I use the puppy pad to pour out the urine then I throw the pad out. My 10 year old yorkie uses it all the time. However if you don’t rinse it regularly it does get smelly.

  23. Mary says:

    Gee, from these reviews I’m not sure what I want to do. My doggie will go on the wonderful area rugs I bought. I didn’t even realize he was doing it until I saw the underside of the mat & the wet spot. I guess I’d rather him go on the mats that I can easily toss in the wash than on the floor & have it soak down into the floor boards. He used to go on puppy pads in the bathroom. I have absolutely no idea why he stopped doing that?! I also wish he’d be content to wander around his own yard. He has me well trained. He has to walk up & down the block & say hello to the entire neighborhood everyday. Never mind that he’s already crapped on the rug & pissed too. He still has to take his daily jog around the block. I’m considering getting my yard fenced so all I have to do is open the door and let him run around. I really wonder if he would even bother. He’d probably just stand on the porch look at me like – I’m waiting.

  24. Carole says:

    I bought the Potty Patch at Petco and my puppy took to it right away. He’s been using it for a couple months. He is a 5 month old Shih Tzu and although I take him for walks 4 times a day, he needs to urinate more frequently due to his small bladder. I brought the patch into the house and placed it in his gated play area. I have had no problems with odor. I empty it every day and wash the plastic parts and soak the grass in a mild solution of Pine Sol & bleach. But in the last couple of days, our puppy has been urinating “beside” the patch. We can’t figure out why. But puppies can be finicky so we have simply reduced the amount of play area hoping he will get right back on the patch and make direct hits. Has you ever heard of anyone else having this problem?

  25. Paula says:

    My dog(already house trained) refuses to use this potty patch….he only uses the grass outside..oh well this was a waste of my $79.00 @ petco….I’ve tried for over 2mos..He has never used it in my home..so I give up.

  26. Samanta Warren says:

    It seems that those who purchased the product at a local pet store, like I did, are happy with the product, and those who purchased through an infomercial are not and sounds like most have even been scammed in the process. Obvious solution: buy from a pet store or from Amazon ONLY (where you can make sure you are getting the brand name product) and NOT from ebay or other unreputable online source, or from a TV infomercial.
    Got mine at Petsmart, and they sell the refill pads as well. My Petsmart only carried the small size, however.

  27. Farrin says:

    I recently purchased the potty patch for my thirteen week old Pomeranians and had it not been for petsmart offering a full cash refund within sixty if it did not work I would not have purchased this contraption, however, IM SO GLAD I DID!! They took to it in just a couple of days! I live in a studio apartment and the puppy pads were such a hassle of the hit and miss. With the potty patch I set it by the window because it does start to smell after awhile and they use it all the time. It does take patience though my dogs chewed on it when I first bought it and they didn’t really want to potty on it. Two days of crate training with it and it seriously saved my life. I think the engineering could have been a little more thought out I feel like I could make it myself, however it was well worth the fifty dollars.

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